Thursday, 30 July 2009


Also now available to buy in Glasgows 'Che Camille' are 3 of my books.

'A conversation about thought'

'A conversation about love'


'It seemed like a good idea at the time'

More information about Che Camille can be found here on their website:

Future Shows

There are two fantastic shows coming up which you should try your damnedest to get to..

Salon Show - Temporary Art Space

The Temporary Art Space in the Piece Hall, Halifax, presents it's final show 'Salon Show' an open submissions exhibition, curated by a team of volunteers (myself included). The exhibition opens of Friday the 7th of August 5pm till 8pm and runs until the 28th of August.

Featuring: Andy Abbott, Djuro Adžić, Rachael Allen, Jakob Anckarsvard, Sally Barker, Georgia Boniface, Kevin Boniface, Alice Bradshaw, Kiki Bragard, Dora Bratelj, Stacey Bray, Stuart Brocklehurst, Sean Burn, Alisa Čaber, Paul Cairns, Stephen Campbell, Yvonne Carmichel, Andrew Carson, Jessica Jane Charleston, Jane Chavez-Dawson, Mike Chavez-Dawson, Louise Cieciala, Julie Rose Clark, Adam Clarke, Nicholas Clarke, Robert Paul Clarke, Josephine Clinton, Sophia Crilly, Caroline Dear, Dirtcheap, Harry Edwards, Tinsel Edwards, Francis Elliott, Tatiana Fiodorova, Ben Gabriel, Maria Garton, Liz Gaunt, Tom Gibbons, Henry Allen Goode, Garth Gratix, Laura Havenhand, Rachel Hawthorn, Tommy Eugene Higson, Maja Hodošček, Sandy Holden, Jon Hoyle, Joanne Hummel-Newell, Alice Hutt, Lauren Iredale, Nikki Marie Jackson, Joanne Johnson, Sofia Johnston, Mark Kennard, Kevin Kirwan, Buffy Klama, Ahmed Kungu, Caroline Lapeyre, Jean-Pierre Lapeyre, Yan Laundy, Robert Lloyd, David MacDiarmid, Elaine Woo MacGregor, Sophie MacWhannell, Thomas Mann, James Marsh, Joanne Masding, Fatema Mayet, Liz McDonough, Alison McGregor, Milk Two Sugars, Christine Mitchenson, Stefania Montolli, Susan Mortimer, Tabitha Moses, Gemma Mountain, Liz Murphy, Pav Von Mxski, Deborah Newbould, Matthanee Nilavongse, Pitikasem Nilavongse, Simon O'Neill, Jane O'Sullivan, Al Palmer, Hayley Parfitt, Gavin Peacock, Nancy Porter, Mike Redmond, Dhanyapit Sajjalaksana, Mark Sanders, Rebecca Scheel-Edelmann, Shufflebottom, Chloe Small, Kevin Smith, Jim Souper, Aaron Stainthorpe, Kate Stobbart, Jess Swainson, Lynne Swarbrick, Merry Swarbrick, Fiodorova Tatiana, Emily Thomas, Twinkle Troughton, Ally Wallace, Toby Walshaw, Lauren C Waterworth, Jospeh Weldon, Lois Whitehead, Olivia Williams, David W Wright, Fani Zguro

Curated by: Dorothy Baldwin, Deborah Britton, Rachael Gorton, Rachel Hawthorn, Lauren Iredale, Sofia Johnston, Thomas Mann, Hayley Parfitt, Nancy Porter, Merry Swarbrick & Lois Whitehead

More details can be found about the exhibition and gallery here :">

Minster Nights - York Minster Cathedral

On the 30th of August York Minster opens it's doors to the public from 5pm - Midnight, offering a wide range of Art, performance, music, theatre and tours of the Minster.
I will be running a small event in the St. Nicholas cathedral, making badges based on the 'in memorial' plaques.
This is the 2nd time the Minster has run this project and its shaping up to be a fantastic night.

West End (on stage erected in front of West Doors):
Mooted Theatre performing excerpt from Murder in the Cathedral.
Chris Green’s production about infamous arsonist Jonathan Martin.
York Shakespeare Project with several classic speeches.

North Transept:
James Spacebar with large art reproduction beneath Five Sisters Window.
Lois Whitehead in St Nick’s chapel.
Steve Tomlinson and Shadow Art (in NT or elsewhere)
Jo Dacombe and Co.

Refreshments served in the NT.

Davis Pipe will be playing the Minster organ and taking requests.

Chapter House:
Holly Taymar acoustic set.

South Quire Aisle:
Interpretation stalls by the Minster Broderers, Flower Arrangers, Masons and Police (?)

Lady Chapel:
North Country Theatre installing Labyrinth with music and projections.
Andy Wood films (in neighboring All Saints chapel)

Eastern Crypt:
Light Fantastic Installation by Jo Dacombe

Both shows should offer a variety of different art to suit all tastes!