Monday, 31 August 2009

In Memory Of - Minster Nights

Conversations at York Minster - Lois Whitehead - August 30th 2009

'In Memory Of' was a project I ran during a late night opening at the York Minster whilst it had been transformed into an exhibition and performance arena.
I chose to occupy the St Nicholas Chapel, as I liked the intimacy created by the space and I thought it was the one space that seemed to be almost separate from the large and overwhelming atmosphere of the Minster.

I made 100 badges that were based on the style of plaques and dedications you find on benches and chairs, particularly in churches and cathedrals, but instead of being dedicated to a person, these were designed to be in memory of conversations that I was hoping to have with visitors to the Minster during the course of the night.

When I arrived in the Chapel I moved the chairs (except 4 which I kept but exchanged the cushions for ones of my own..) to the side and brought in a table which I covered with some fabric. I brought a cake stand with sweets and biscuits to entice people to come and talk to me!
I spread the badges around the table and as people came over I explained what the project was about, which usually lead onto a larger conversation.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Minster Nights

At Minster Nights I will be occupying the St. Nicholas chapel, asking people to come and introduce themselves to me and to sit and have a conversation with me. In return I will be handing out badges to commemorate that conversation. The badges are made to reflect the setting of the Minster, in the style of remembrance plaques.

I hope that this process encourages people to interact after their encounter with me, to talk about a shared experience that they had.

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