Monday, 30 November 2009

A Room of Words
South Square Gallery, Thornton

A Room of Words | Group show | 05 December 2009 - 24 January 2010

Alice Bradshaw. Amelia Crouch. Annie Carpenter. Shaeron Caton-Rose. Emma Fotherby. Livia Garcia. Jenny Hall. Peter Lund. Denise McIlroy. Merry Swarbrick. Giulia Resteghini. Emmy Twigge. Simon Warner. Lois Whitehead and Amy Wong.

Curated by Deborah Britton

Here we play with words. A Room of Words is an exhibition of work by fifteen Yorkshire based visual artists all of whom advocate playful and experimental use of text within their work.

The exhibition is inspired by the location of South Square Gallery in Thornton, Bradford, the birthplace of the Bronte sisters Charlotte, Emily and Anne. Central to the show is the artistic legacy of these siblings timeless and courageous use of language as a form of expression. In particular artists can be seen to reference Charlotte Bronte's instinctual pushing at the boundaries of convention and her infamous exaltation, 'I'm am just going to write because I cannot help it.'

The exhibits reflect the broad spectrum of text based art practice in Yorkshire today. Visitors will encounter bold and provocative works in a wide range of media. Alice Bradshaw stamps directly onto the walls of the gallery with intervening swarms of ghostly text. Whilst Leeds based Lois Whitehead engages the local community in conversation before producing her works which preserve the memory of ephemeral spoken word. Alongside the critically commenting work there will also be the opportunity for audience members to contribute their own words, writing themselves into the display.

An evening of performance will take place on 08 January 2010 7-9pm

Alice Bradshaw

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Estonia to Latvia

I recently visited my fellow artist and friend Vanessa Hartley in Tallinn, Estonia. Whilst there we also had a trip to Riga, Latvia. We went on a Art Nouveau walk in Riga which was fantastic and a great way to see the city.
I decided to post some of the pictures from my time there as I think they are both amazing places and hopefully will inspire you to take a trip there yourself!


Pomegranates in the Russian market at Riga, before the stall owner hit my camera.

Rainis, apparently one of Latvias greatest writers.

Flowers at the Freedom Monument

The Italian Embassy Building, obviously!


Vanessa Hartley, Painting Happy People is Saddening, 2009


Toilets in the gallery

Shoes in the Russian market!

Myself and the lovely Vanessa!

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

A Feast for the Eyes

Kevin Best, Disposable Still Life with Fruit and Ham (Detail)

Work available to buy from Gallery 2 at Bradford university in a collaboration between Gallery 2 and Yorkshire Craft centre.

Gallery 2 present 'A Feast for the Eyes ' and Yorkshire Craft Centre host 'Be Dazzled'. Visitors are encouraged to see both exhibitions on 26th of November for the preview night, where

Gallery 2 will be open from 4-6pm and the YCC 6-8pm.
My work, a collection of cups and saucers with sentences and words inspired by the Exhibitions theme of "17th century Dutch still life painting" features in 'A Feast for the Eyes' at Gallery 2.

Film Festival - Mike-L Vs The Pern

Some images from The Leeds Film Festival, A battle between DJ Mike-L and Illustrator The Pern at Nation of Shopkeepers.

Light Night 2009

Some of the images from the performances on light night, Power in The Victoria Quarter and People in Leeds Museum.