Thursday, 26 November 2009

Estonia to Latvia

I recently visited my fellow artist and friend Vanessa Hartley in Tallinn, Estonia. Whilst there we also had a trip to Riga, Latvia. We went on a Art Nouveau walk in Riga which was fantastic and a great way to see the city.
I decided to post some of the pictures from my time there as I think they are both amazing places and hopefully will inspire you to take a trip there yourself!


Pomegranates in the Russian market at Riga, before the stall owner hit my camera.

Rainis, apparently one of Latvias greatest writers.

Flowers at the Freedom Monument

The Italian Embassy Building, obviously!


Vanessa Hartley, Painting Happy People is Saddening, 2009


Toilets in the gallery

Shoes in the Russian market!

Myself and the lovely Vanessa!

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