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The Ex Exchange - 2008

The Ex Exchange - The White Space, GSA Barnes Building, Glasgow - Lois Whitehead, 2008

The Ex Exchange was a projected I organised and created through reflecting on my own circumstances and trying to find ways to relate that sitiuation to other people.
I wanted to continue with the idea of the social as an art event and also with interaction between artist/audience and audience/artwork.
I wanted the event to be accessible to everybody and not just for the entrants, so the final event took place as an exhibition of all the items with their labels so that they were able to be viewed by others.

'The Ex Exchange is an event taking place on the 27th & 28th of Novmber in the White Space at the Barnes Building.
The aim is for you the people to bring along anything left over from your past relationships and to exchange them for other peoples left over things. The idea is to make some positives from what seems like a negative situation. You can cleanse yourself of the old memories and hang ups you have from your ex and to get something new out of it. And to enable that to happen for other people.
The process goes like this..From Thursday the 27th, 10:00 - 19:00, you will be able to come to the Barnes building and drop off whatever item you bring.You will be asked to fill out a small label to be attached to your item telling us a little bit more about it.In return for your item you will receive a voucher and an invitation to join us the day after,friday the 28th, for the actual event.
On Friday the 28th at 18:00 The Ex Exchange begins! All the items will be displayed and there will be food,drink and music.Everyone is encouraged to browse all the items, if you see something that you like you bring it to the desk and hand over your voucher to take your new item away with you!
All items brought will be accepted, nothing you want to bring is the wrong thing to bring. Your relationship could have lasted 1 week or 1 year but we still want you to take part.Examples include : T-shirts, Books, Photoframes, CDs, Toys, Films, Underwear, Posters.. Etc. Anything that belonged to your ex, was a gift or even just reminds you of them.
Please come down on both days and get involved!

-- Text from postcard for 'The Ex Exchage'

Voucher presented to people who took part in the exchange.

Images : Merry Swarbrick
Ideas : Lois Whitehead

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