Sunday, 6 December 2009

A Room of Words

A Room of Words at South Square Gallery
Curated by Deborah Britton

"The exhibition is inspired by the location of South Square Gallery in Thornton, Bradford, the birthplace of the Bronte sisters Charlotte, Emily and Anne. Central to the show is the artistic legacy of these siblings timeless and courageous use of language as a form of expression. In particular artists can be seen to reference Charlotte Bronte's instinctual pushing at the boundaries of convention and her infamous exaltation, 'I'm am just going to write because I cannot help it.'"

South Square Conversations

South Square Conversations was a work i created after meeting up with people associated with the gallery and community, having a cup of tea with them, and then inscribing a small remembered sentence from that conversation into the cup that they gave to me after our conversation.
This project will continue throughout the duration of the exhibition and i hope to be involved in the performance night, offering visitors to the gallery an opportunity to sit and talk with me over a cup of tea.

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